3 Earth Friendly Holiday Ideas


3 Ideas You Can Take From Pinecone Grove

1. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The largest concern when it comes to mailing gifts is the impact on our environment. All Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter orders are shipped in packaging that is biodegradable or has been repurposed. This reduces landfill waste, energy consumption, and pollution.

How To Use This Idea: Turn all your cardboard food boxes (cereal boxes for example) inside out and reuse them as shipping boxes or decorate them for gifting in person.

2. A Thoughtful Gift.

Small letter sized orders from Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter are gifted with handmade Artist Trading Cards for you to enjoy. I make these in batches throughout the year. Parcel orders that are shipped domestically in the U.S. receive curated Eco Gift Bags filled with earth friendly items from other brands I think you’ll like.

How To Use This Idea: Make your own miniature art cards from and old card deck to send with your holiday cards or collect samples from some of your favorite earth conscious brands to fill stockings and gift boxes.

3. Protecting Wildlife.

For every Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter order, $2.50 goes toward a nature fund with the mission of preserving wildlife. After 10 orders I donate $50 to our chosen nature fund.

How To Use This Idea: Do you get a lot of holiday cards? Choose to set aside a certain amount per card you receive and donate it to your favorite wildlife or local animal shelter for the holidays.

Have some holiday ideas you’d like to share? Post them in the comments.

Join My Team


There is plenty of room on my team. The more the merrier as they say. I am looking for team members to help with my shop and products. Do you love fact checking or researching? Apply to be a Pinecone Grove animal or plant specialist. Are you a graphic designer? Then maybe you’d like to be the new map maker. Are you amazing at sewing and embroidering? Because I would love to add earth-friendly field bags and custom made patches to the product line. Have a knack for taking staged photos? Nature inspired product photos would make a great addition to Pinecone Grove’s online shop.

Team Posts

Map Designer

Digitally design maps realistic or imaginary that inspire kids to go out and explore. Your designs would be used on posters, apparel, and if you’re up for it, a limited edition cartography FieldCard™ set.

Animal Researcher

Research and fact check about animal species that live in the world. Your results would be used on our FieldCard™products as lesson tools for kids 3 years and older.

Plant Researcher

Research and fact check about plant species that live in the world. Your results would be used on our FieldCard™products as lesson tools for kids 3 years and older.

Expedition Gear Designer

Collect fabric that is either recycled or made of a renewable resource – like bamboo – and make custom durable field bags and apparel to add to our product line.

Patch Maker

Produce fully embroidered custom iron-on patches for little explorers to collect, add to their field bags, or a jacket. We are looking for designs that encompass exploration, education, and preservation.

Product Photographer

Receive samples of our products to stage and photograph in a naturally inspired way. Your photos will be used in our online store, on our blog, and social media.

To join the team…

Email me at ashley@thepineconegrove.com with the following information:

  • Your Name.
  • The post you are applying for.
  • Why you would make a good addition to the team.
  • What you hope to get from collaborating with me.
  • Link with an example of your work (this can be your website, Instagram, etcetera).

Or Fill Out This Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the team. I look forward to collaborating with you!

3 Activities To Get Kids Outside This Season

3 Activities To Get Kids Outside This Season coming soon

Autumn is my favorite season. Hot apple cider, boots, scarves, gloves, pinecone and acorn hunting… there is just so much I love about Fall. My favorite autumn phenomenon however is the changing of the leaves. I can literally stay outside for hours and enjoy the beauty of colorful leaves on the tress, gently falling and floating on the autumn breeze. My son however sometimes need a little encouragement to get of his electronics or taking a break from his LEGO®️ and Plus-Plus®️ constructing.

If your child finds the chilly weather deterring, here are some activities that will tempt them to step outside and capture their curiosity in nature. Bonus for homeschoolers, you can make these activities a part of your school day!

Nature Challenge

This challenge is like a scavenger hunt, but instead of one find per item on a list, you and your child will hunt for the most of one specific item in a certain amount of time. It’s a race to see who can find the most yellow, orange, or red leaves. Then hunt again to see who can collect the most acorns, pinecones, or twigs. Use whatever seasonal nature scavenger items are in your area to inspire your child’s exploration of nature. This challenge can happen in your backyard, on a hike, or at the beach! Seashells, mermaid purses (which are actually shark eggs), and sea glass also make for a great nature challenge in tropical places year round. The Nature Challenge offers good exercise, lots of fun, and gives kids a reason to be outside for a while.

Draw a Map

In your yard, choose a starting place and an endpoint or vice versa and help your child map it out. You can have a cache for treasure or a time capsule for the next adventure at the map destination to make things more interesting. Point out a stump or other landmark as you go so your child can draw and write it on their map. Ask them if they notice any landmarks as well. Maybe you have a little creek near by or a bird bath they can use. A compass would make a great tool for this activity. They can learn how to determine where East and West are at home and show that on their map. For example, the cache is North of the stump and West of the bird bath. When they are finished mapping it all out they can add color, a key, or copy it for a treasure hunting party. There are so many ways to customize this activity, your child is sure to enjoy it.

Field Journal

Take a blank book and some creative tools on an expedition. When it comes to field journaling there is more than one way to do anything. Your child can draw what they see, mount leaves in their pages, or write about their experience. Let them observe with their eyes, hands, and magnifying lens. Sort the species they find by tree type, color, or size. Or cottontail tracks versus deer tracks. There are so many great ways to make Field Journaling fun. (This is another good homeschool activity for science lessons). Encourage your child to record their observations and experiences of the expedition in their field journals.  They can draw their findings in color, note measurements, and color data. Develop their writing and memory skills as they describe their expedition and leaves collected. Parents can join the fun too by field journaling together.

Share your autumn expeditions and activities with us on social media:
@Pinecone_Grove & #PGExpeditions

Small Business Saturday®️ Nov 26


This Nov 26, we want to celebrate Small Business Saturday®️ with you! It’s a special holiday created so communities can show love for small businesses like ours. And it wouldn’t be a celebration without customers like you joining us!

So mark your calendars for Nov 26, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and get ready to #ShopSmall with us. Stay connected with PINECONE GROVE on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in our Shop.

And please don’t forget to share your favorite Small Business Saturday moments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #ShopSmall.

Thanks for your support. See you Saturday, Nov 26!


Eco Gift Program for Small Businesses


Where Small Business Work Together

Get samples of your products in the mailboxes of potential customers with the Eco Gift Bag Program at Pinecone Grove. Pinecone Grove’s Eco Gift Bag Program is an ongoing program so you can apply at anytime. Each Eco Gift Bag is filled with samples, coupons, and goodies from small businesses that provide exceptional customer service and products that inspire exploration, education, and preservation.

How the Program Works

With each domestic order from my shop, I’ll include a small bag filled with samples from small businesses. Arriving as a surprise gift in Pinecone Grove orders, your shop will receive exposure in person to a potential client. There is also the opportunity for further interest if the customer shares their products on social media with their audience.

How Participants Are Selected

Eco Gift Bag participant selections are based on product, brand, and overall interest with my audience. We are looking for small businesses that are intended for kids or parents and fit one or more of the descriptions below.

Kid Products | Products for Parents | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | Handmade | Upcycle | Renewable | Reusable | Nature | Wildlife | Science | Apparel | Eco Friendly | Green Living | Environmentally Friendly

After an application is submitted, I will review the application and evaluate your shop to make sure I can offer you the best possible service. Once approved, I will email you all the details to participate.

What Participants Contribute

Eco Gift Bag participants will send 10, 15, or 20 samples attached to business cards or other promotion materials to be included in the gift bags – if you aren’t sure what to offer feel free to email me at pineconegrove@gmail.com with “Eco Gift Question” as the subject line and we can figure something out. Remember to keep your samples and brand materials small – less than 5″ x 8″ x 0.5″.You are welcome – but not required – to include a coupon for at least 20% off to help convert recipients into new clients. Studies show that more than 90% of people are more likely to make a purchase from a new brand if offered a discount of 20% or greater.

Cost to Participate

$2 for 10 Eco Gift samples | $3 for 15 Eco Gift samples | $4 for 20 Eco Gift samples

Why the cost? Added weight from the Eco Gift Bags to packages, increases shipping and packaging costs. This small flat fee will help cover those extra expenses. Within one week of receiving your application I will email you, if you are accepted, and send a Paypal invoice for the participation fee. Once paid, I will message you with the mailing information to send your Eco Gift for the program.

Apply Now

Tools for Curiosity

The Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter offers Nature Tools & Apparel for Little Explorers  Our Site is Currently Under Construction
The Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter offers Nature Tools & Apparel for Little Explorers
Our Site is Currently Under Construction

The Pinecone Grove Expedition Outfitter offers the tools that encourage and inspire little explorers to observe the world around them. Our site is currently under construction. We appreciate your patience.