Extended Deadline for Summer 2017 Magazine

Grove Dispatch: Ocean Tide Summer 2017 Magazine

Deadline Extended

The deadline for the Grove Dispatch Summer 2017 Magazine: Ocean Tide Expedition, has been extended from June 11th to June 18th. So if you are interested in sending in ocean themed projects with your homeschoolers, there is still time to get them completed and submitted.

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You can also download a FREE short story writing guide for your homeschoolers in 5 STEPS TO WRITING A WILDLIFE SHORT STORY.

Let’s Work Together

If you have any questions or want to brainstorm some ideas, contact ashley@thepineconegrove.com or use one of these writing prompts:

  • A sea turtle hatches on the beach and must figure out how to get to the ocean.
  • The coral reef is in danger. A seahorse with the help of friends, works to make the reef healthy again.


30 Days of Blog 2017: Day 7

Grove Dispatch: Summer 2017 Digital Magazine

Grove Dispatch: Ocean Tide Summer 2017 Magazine

Grove Dispatch Summer 2017 Theme:

Ocean Tide Expedition

Hello Explorers! Are you ready for summer adventures? This week I am working on my latest magazine for The Pinecone Grove. This summer edition is paper-free! Because we love trees and digital downloads make for quick delivery. Currently, I am looking for work from parents, homeschoolers, students, educators, scientists, park rangers, and other nature science specialists. Here are 3 steps to get published.

Grove Dispatch: Ocean Tide Summer 2017 Magazine

The Grove Dispatch is an activity based publication from The Pinecone Grove. Content focuses on kid-friendly nature topics in botany, zoology, geology, and astronomy. Articles with The Pinecone Grove are geared toward parents needing wildlife adventure tips for their homeschoolers. My goal is to create a community where parents & kids can connect with other nature oriented families.

Send in your Ocean Tide Expedition themed work
by Sunday, June 18, 2017
to ashley@thepineconegrove.com

Step 1: Create

First, you’ll need to decide what you’d like to publish in The Pinecone Grove’s refreshed digital magazine. Make sure all work submitted is kid-friendly.

Fiction Nature Short Stories

Write a short story about the life of a sea turtle or how a seahorse saved the coral reef.

Nonfiction Wildlife Articles

Share your nature studies with readers so they can learn more about the wildlife you love. You may include photographs with your article if you wish.

Expedition Articles

Recount your latest tide pool, snorkeling, or beach experience.

Nature Science Articles

Report wildlife species finds in the ocean, your successful beach cleanup project, or results from your salt water experiment.

How-To Articles

Because everyone loves a DIY! Write how you take care of the beach. Let us know how to recycle trash into ocean art. Teach an ocean inspired cooking lesson. Or maybe how-to exchanging everyday disposables for reusables.


Did you get a new pair of water shoes or a tropical field guide? Write a review about it. Reviews should include the product and brand, where you got it (gift, Target, etcetera,) your experience in using that product, and a rating: 1 being the worst, 5 being the best.


Construct an ocean inspired poem with us that is at least 10 words in length.

Illustrations and Photography

Your ocean wildlife inspired art and photographs can be digitally created or handmade, scanned, and emailed to ashley@thepineconegrove.com. I do not accept mailed submissions at this time.

Kid-Friendly Brands

I love to support small business owners. Write an article or send me a pitch for approval on something parents or kids would love to learn about. Include a small feature on your brand or a related product so my readers can connect with you and your brand.

Step 2: Guidelines

Note: the article guidelines listed below do not apply to poems, illustrations, or photography submissions.

Now that you have decided on the type of article you want to write, follow these guidelines when creating your work.

  • Article Length: Your article must be 500 – 2,000 words in length.
  • Article Images: 1 Feature Image (1600px width x 1101px height) & 1 or more Content Images (262px width x 325px height or 800px width x 800px height). Be sure to cite image sources (Photographer/Illustrator/Designer/Etc. & URL). If you are using your own images include your info with the images.
  • Article Links: 1-2 Topic Relevant Links & 1-2 links to your Blog, Shop, or Social media account where readers can follow you. Place links in brackets after the intended linking text.
  • Article Style: Snippet Introduction (125-160 characters), Main Introduction (1 Paragraph), 1 or more Headings, 2 or more Subheadings, Conclusion (1 paragraph), & a Call-to-Action (visit a site, subscribe to something, donate to a cause, etcetera).

Step 3: Email

Finally, you can submit your summer ocean themed work. Please send your email to me: ashley@thepineconegrove.com. Start the Subject line with OCEAN TIDE and your topic or pitch. I can’t wait to see what you have created!

  • Briefly tell me who you are.
  • State the title of your proposed article or work.
  • Tell me how The Pinecone Grove readers will benefit from your work.
  • Paste your article or share an outline of your pitch.
  • Especially important, sign with: “Pinecones Grow On Trees, [Your Name]” so I’ll know you read the guidelines 😉

Why You Should Publish with The Pinecone Grove

  1. Sharing your passion for nature with other families is a great way to encourage earth conscious living.
  2. A great project to work on with your kids and get the whole family excited about a nature friendly publication.
  3. Plus, if your work is accepted, you’ll receive a FREE digital copy of the summer magazine.

Accepted Work

I accept most submissions to the magazine. Within 24 hours you should receive an email back from me about your submission. Due to large amounts of email, I do not respond to most rejected works. However I may respond with constructive notes to help with the creation of future submissions.


Note: I retain the copyright of all material published in The Pinecone Grove magazine. An author/artist/photographer cannot republish the same work elsewhere; it must remain unique to The Pinecone Grove.

Work NOT Accepted

This magazine is for families so all content must be suitable for children. Consequently, any work submitted to my magazine containing inappropriate content will not be accepted.

  • Work with adult-themed or sexually explicit content will NOT be accepted.
  • Work that promotes hate, violence or discrimination in any way will NOT be accepted.

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3 Steps to Get Kids Published in Grove Dispatch This Summer