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Helpful Tips from Mompreneur Cody at Lu & Ed

Favorite Mompreneur

Hey fellow handmade biz owners! I have someone terrific to tell you about and her latest post that will help you with the social media posts for your business. Meet mompreneur Cody from Lu & Ed!

Meet mompreneur Cody from Lu & Ed!
Meet mompreneur Cody from Lu & Ed!

Cody from Lu & Ed has long been my favorite #mompreneur. She loves her kids. Her business is awesome. Encouraging other small biz owners is something she is always finding time to do. Since December 2016, Cody has been “researching, experimenting, and perfecting the perfect mix of hashtags for a handmade business.” Not only that, she has put them into sections based on post type to make it easier for your to use the ones you need. If you have not been introduced to Cody yet or heard of Lu & Ed, you totally should. She will be your favorite mompreneur too.

Tag Bundles

“There’s a various amount of tags in each group, and several are repeated in different groups. Repeated tags are great for use on basically any post about handmade businesses! Then there are some that are highly targeted for specific types of posts, from WIP images to finished products to selfies & more! I set it up this way so you can copy & paste directly from this list into your IG posts, then add your own curated tags specific to your medium – for instance, I usually throw in tags like #monstertoys, #toystorage or #instagramkids for my Mon-stor posts.

“If you make jewelry, you will want to put in specific tags – #handmadejewelry #datenight #wedding #bridetobe #prom and so on! For drawing or painting or art makers, you will want to use specific tags like #prismacolor #penandink #drawing #watercolor and on and on. These little tag packets just help you get started!” – 100+ hashtags for handmade businesses… by Cody

Read, Bookmark, & Pin

Read, bookmark, & pin “100+ hashtags for handmade businesses, makers and small shops + tag hacks!” by Cody from Lu & Ed. You can thank me later 😉

Brand Discovery: The Edible Museum

I Found A Shop,

And They Have Chocolate Frogs!

These Chocolates Look Like Frogs Rather Than Jump Like Them.

Milk Chocolate Natterjack Toad by The Edible Museum
Milk Chocolate Natterjack Toad by The Edible Museum

While browsing around the internet I came across a brand that looks awesome! It’s called The Edible Museum! No, I haven’t tasted their chocolate, I don’t even know where they ship from, but I had to share it. Their product photos are spectacular and so unique.


Sarah from The Edible Museum stopped by the blog and shared that The Edible Museum is “based in the Essex countryside in the UK and ship worldwide. Although we do try to avoid places in heatwaves for obvious reasons!” (post updated 13 of March 2017)

Hand Painted White Chocolate Starfish by The Edible Museum
Chocolate T-Rex Tooth by The Edible Museum
Chocolate Fossil Collectors Bob by The Edible Museum

Have you ever heard of The Edible Museum? Tried their chocolate? Share all you know in the comments! If you’re like me and have not heard of them, you can visit their website and Instagram with the following links:

Small Business Saturday®️ Nov 26


This Nov 26, we want to celebrate Small Business Saturday®️ with you! It’s a special holiday created so communities can show love for small businesses like ours. And it wouldn’t be a celebration without customers like you joining us!

So mark your calendars for Nov 26, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and get ready to #ShopSmall with us. Stay connected with PINECONE GROVE on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in our Shop.

And please don’t forget to share your favorite Small Business Saturday moments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #ShopSmall.

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Anna Rastorgueva: Inspirational Nature Journal Artist

Instagram is filled with galleries from amazing artists. One of my favorite galleries to peruse is the profile of Anna Rastorgueva. I do not read or speak Russian. Thankfully her art speaks for itself because it is truly spectacular. I’ve compiled a series of her images that are reminiscent of field journals.

Hummingbird by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Pinecone by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Herbarium by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Mushrooms by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Cowberry by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Lappish Dictionary by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Willow Ptarmigan by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Wild Birds by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Life Is Made For Good Journeys by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
Thorns In A Greenhouse by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva
True Honey Bee by Anna Rastorgueva @anna.rastorgueva

Which one is your favorite?
Share in the Comments.

If you love the artwork, I encourage you to follow Anna Rastorgueva on Instagram. Leave her a comment to let her know you love her work. Give lots of ❤ and if you are so inclined, let her know you discovered her account from the blog of @pinecone_grove.


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