3 Reasons Your Homeschool Should Have a Name

What School Do You Go To?

Uhh… My House. Outside. The World.

Some states require a homeschool to have a name. Virginia is not one of them. However, Wednesday my son had a writing activity that asked questions about the school he goes to. Since he does not go to school, he got the chance to name his homeschool and pick a mascot. While he worked on his lessons, I designed an identity to go with his new idea. He chose Aero Academy for the name, a rocket for the logo, an astronaut for the mascot, and his current favorite colors: green and orange. Below are 3 reasons you should name your homeschool too.

Our Homeschool Brand Identity

Reason № 1: Discounts

Discounts! Yes, Please!

Other than fun… what is the point? Since then I’ve been browsing around, curious about what other people name their homeschool and how they apply it. I mean, do people have homeschool sport and game co-ops where kids play for their homeschool team? Do they have uniforms and coffee mugs and bumper stickers… Then I found an article on Life of a Homeschool Mom that said “Some states require your homeschool to have a name and others do not. However there are benefits for naming your homeschool. Many companies offer discounts to homeschooler, but most will ask for the name of your school.– How to Name Your Homeschool

Reason № 2: School IDs

Have Proof and Claim Those Discounts

Naturally, I did some more research. You know how much I love to research! It wasn’t long before I came across another article. The Benefits of a Homeschool ID Card for Parents and Students on Mommy Maestra which also had a link to The Complete List of 82 Teacher Discounts! How fantastic is that?!

Our Homeschool Student and Teacher IDs

For home educators, homeschool IDs are great for getting discounts at museums, workshops, classes, and local stores. And in rare circumstances: “If you are ever questioned by a law enforcement officer as to why your child is not in school, you can prove that you are a homeschooling family. (This is really not likely, but it depends on your state and how serious officers are about such a policy.)” – The Benefits of a Homeschool ID Card for Parents and Students.

For your students, having an ID is also great for getting student discounts. Is your child getting ready to take a standardized test or the SAT? Having a photo ID is often required. Bonus they can keep their student ID in memory boxes to look back on.

You can print a free ID card or have one printed on a PVC card at the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. If your student wants to do a design project or you are feeling creative, you can also design and print your own.

Reason № 3: Yearbooks

One of My Favorite Reasons

As homeschoolers we have tons of those candid photo opportunities to document life in homeschool. So why not turn all those awesome photos, projects, and memories into a yearbook? You can use your new school name and colors to inspire your yearbook covers, decorate your pages, and add a motto or alma matter. The options are limitless.

Our Chatbooks Homeschool Yearbook Cover

Places to print your yearbook:

Chatbooks – If your wanting a small photo book to use as a year book, Chatbooks is a great choice. You can easily sync up photos from your phone, Facebook, or Instagram. They offer softcover and hardcover options.

Picaboo Yearbooks – Want a nice full size yearbook without having to buy 10 or more? Picaboo has kept us homeschoolers in mind. Their homeschool yearbook pages features: easy-to-use design tools, no minimum orders, 3-week turnaround time, plus free tools and support. I have not ordered from here yet but I am going to give this place a try near the end of our year. I’ll be sure to post a review then.

 Customize Your Homeschool with The Pinecone Grove

Custom Homeschool Logo by The Pinecone Grove

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