Sewing Expedition Part Two

Handmade Tank Tops for 3 Boys by The Pinecone Grove

Sewing Adventures Part Two

Today: part two of my sewing adventures. I used left over fabric from my Sewing Expeditions Ups & Downs to make tank tops for my young twin nephews. Now the three cousins can match on our next beach vacation! I really love the Doodle fabrics from Jo-Ann’s that my son picked out. The prints are adorable!

Handmade Tank Tops part two by The Pinecone Grove

New Patterns!

This evening I have gotten 5 more patterns from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop to try. So naturally, I will be heading back to the fabric store tomorrow.

3 Patterns for my son & nephews: Hang Ten Rash Guard, Surf’s Up Board Shorts, and Romperalls

2 Patterns for myself: Rainier RaglanSummer Lovin’ Shorts

I am seriously hooked on using my sewing machine. It is still prone to eating fabric. Other than my paper trick, I’d like to find out how to stop that. I also need to probably clean out the bobbin compartment and add a drop of oil… Not sure what kind of oil it needs though. Guess the next step is to find a manual online that goes to my sewing machine model.


That’s all for today’s post. Just wanted to stop in and share an update for my 30 days of blog project. At the moment, my son and I are having a Transformers: Robots In Disguise tv show marathon. We have 69 episodes recorded. How many episodes do you think we will make it through before we fall asleep?

30 Days of Blog 2017: Day 3